Saturday, 20 May 2017

Modi govt NEWS

The Congress has planned a series of 100 press conferences over the next month across the country, going down to the district headquarters level, to “puncture and expose the lies of the Modi government.” Party sources said their leaders would address these press conferences that would be “research-based” and short on rhetoric, unlike the “propaganda” of the ruling party.

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On Friday, as part of the series that was kicked off on Tuesday by a panel of young leaders here, senior party spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi focussed on “the jobless growth” that he said had characterised the first three years of the Modi government.

While the BJP government “is planning multi-thousand crore bash” to celebrate three years of being in power, he said, it had coined an acronym that spells MODI — Making Of Developed India.
“Over the next few days, we are going to fan out in the country talking about the disasters faced by each sector of the economy. It is important to be specific, it is important to nail the lies of the Government, it is important to be factual..,” Mr. Singhvi said, adding, “In the ‘Jumlebazi’ of this government, I want to ask a few questions through the media — what is it that they are celebrating?”
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‘Jobless growth’

He stressed that the promise of creating two crore jobs had been belied: what India was witnessing was “jobless growth”. Quoting government figures, he said there was “little or no growth” and a continuing “pink slips season” (signifying termination of employment). “In eight labour-intensive sectors that include construction and FMCG, the growth is 1.1%, or the creation of just 1,35,000 jobs. If this is ‘Achhe Din’, then obviously the government’s definition of ‘Achhe Din’ is ‘Achhe Din without Jobs’,” he said.