Thursday, 13 April 2017


 This is an Office suite of applications and services. They mainly help in creating office documents, preparing presentation slides, preparing spreadsheet data.It was first announced by Bill Gates on 1 August 1988, at COMDEX in LAS VEGAS. Initially the main application software in OFFICE where Word, Power point and Excel. Later Visual Basics to develop applications using scripting language.
The latest version is the OFFICE 2016 for Windows and Mac OS. Another application that is used is mobile app which help access office documents in mobile devices.

This is a word processor used in macOS and windows. The first version of this software provided with it a mouse to promote the use of the Mouse to the broader population. The document format is de facto standard later standardized as Ecma International Support for portable document by (PDF).

A spreadsheet program that outsold the most dominant LOTUS1-2-3 at that time. It is now most commonly used it is available for both the MacOS and WINDOWS. The first version was created for mac OS in 1987.

 It is a presentation program helping in creating slides that have images, videos included in them. The created file can be made shown on a projector or printed out on to slides or transparencies.

 This is database management system that helps maintain data and store data. This combines the Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a Graphical user interface.

This is a program to store personal data, managing these personal data. With added features such as client email, calendar, task manger in 2011 it replaced Entourage

This is note taking program that helps share notes over the internet,take audio recording and clipings. With the release of office 2013 onenote became a core feature in OFFICE.

Sway is presentation application that helps create interactive apps including many data such as images,text .

Certain other desktop applications are MICROSOFT PUBLISHING  which helps create greeting cards, brochures, labels etc.. For integrated communication clients SKYPE  is used for preparing conference and meetings