Thursday, 6 April 2017

REAL ESTATE main points

In the case of Residential is a non-business structure used for domestic living of single family or multiple family. They can classified on how they are owned or shared for example agreement can written to define the common grounds to both parties. Or estate can be owned by a single entity and leased out to other bonded by an agreement. Apartment-an individual unit in a multiple unit used define by locked or lockable doors.


Terraced House- a shared compound with no intervening space.
Condominium-similar to apartment with the difference that its adjacent space will be owned commonly
The size of an apartment or house can be described in square feet or meters. In the United States, this includes the area of "living space", excluding the garage and other non-living spaces. The "square meters" figure of a house in Europe may report the total area of the walls enclosing the home, thus including any attached garage and non-living spaces, which makes it important to inquire what kind of surface definition has been used.