Saturday, 15 April 2017


The definition of health itself has been a very disputed topic. Although WHO defined health as “well being of mental, physical and social and not merely the absence of diseases. In 1980 WHO bought a new definition which was more accepted than its predecessor. It defined it as the resource of living .  It is a positive concept , emphasizing social and personal resources as well physical capacities. Thus health defined as the ability to recover from insults and maintain homeostasis.
The federal HEALTHY PEOPLE INITIATIVE  to improve the health of individuals. With each decade new objectives being outlined but progress cannot be seen due to lack of action towards it. Healthy people 2020 is more sophisticated with clear cut ideas and goals. A digital interface is much fulfilling than bulky printed books.
Health care providers try prevent and cure health care problems. The many factors that effect health can be cited as income, social status, education and literacy, social environment personal health practices and coping skills.


This is an ongoing process that takes time and devotion to obtain. Much of which depends on the genes and lifestyle of the individuals.


An important method to stay healthy is to balance the intake of food. The correct amount of plant based and animal based food to regulate and build muscles, bones and tendons. The food guide pyramid provides this right amount


Physical exercise enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It strengthens muscles and improves the cardiovascular system.


The most essential requirement to maintain health. Continuous sleep deprivation has been related to many health issues. Studies have shown the role of sleep in preventing susceptibility to cold. Sleep regulates metabolism.The international agency for cancer depicts the role in sleep deprivation being carcinogen. The National Sleep Foundation in 2015 relates the deprivation of sleep to serious health issues or as earlier stated to well-being.

These three main components can lead to a healthy life. Fix your diet then get good exercise done and finally proper amount of sleep should be taken. Complete well-being is ensured.