Sunday, 25 December 2016

INVITATION to all from Newsfollowup app

INVITATION to all from Newsfollowup app

Inviting you to become a 'News Writer' @ 'Newsfollowup' app who can summarise the NEWs in pointers.

Interested one pls share ur below mentioned details @ '' with email subject : Request for News Writer @ Newsfollowup app

1. Ur email id as a login
2. Ur Password - example : abc@123
3. Profile image
4. Mobile number
5. Ur Name with location - example : Sudhir Tambe - Mumbai

Will send you the login confirmation mail with our backend application link to login & to post ur NEWs in pointers daily.

Also requesting you to join our Facebook group - to communicate internal messages & like our page -

Tagline : Newsfollowup app mandatory hai ???
Coming soon ...

Thanks & Regards,
Sudheer Tambe
Founder @ Newsfollowup app